How to sign up/log in to an account & update activities

A. How to sign up for an account on B. How to register your races on C. How to update your activites on

A. How to sign up for an account on

+ Sign up with Facebook

+ Sign up with Google

+ Sign up directly on

B.How to register your races on

3 Payment methods:

+Bank transfer by yourself 

+ Payment via Momo wallet 

+Online banking or Visa/Msater/VJC Card via OnePay

C. How to update your activities on

+ Manually update activities on

+ Update activities via app Strava


Step 1: Click on the login button on the upper right corner of the login page

Step 2: Choose one of three ways to login to your account (with  Facebook, Gmail or directly on the website Vietrace365)

1. Click on the button Login with  Facebook

Fill out the fields with the information required (in case your Facebook is running the system will automatically link to your Facebook account so just click on the button Login)

 2. Click on the button Login with Google

Enter your email and password to log in

3. Log in to your account directly with full name and password

Fill out the form

You do not have an account , click on sign up now to create an account. 

then fill out the form with your information


Then click on the button sign up 

Step 3: Once you log in successfully, your avatar will be dispalyed on the upper right corner of the page. Click on your avatar to show your profile information.

Click on the arrow icon as below to log out and click on " Connect apps" to connect with your runnning apps


Choose the race you would like to register

Click on Register

Click on Join/ Join & Buy Tshirt


Fill out the registration form 

You like to choose a race BIB yourself, click on " register number of bib"  and enter your BIB (six numbers)

Enter your delivering address, once you complete your race we will send awards to you according to the address you provided.

You have 3 options for your payment, please choose one of three payment method below

Method 1 : Bank transfer by yourself 

We provied 4 bank accounts and the transfer syntax is Order code Full name Phone number (Ex:14067 Le Thi Le 09677113665)


Then click on my order to view your order details


When you complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation order email. You can enter your profile page on to see your order's status.

Click on orders

if you complete your payment the status of your order will be " Paid", otherwise it is "payment waiting


Method 2: Chọn thanh toán trực tuyến bằng thẻ nội địa, Visa/Master/JCB qua công OnePay

After clicking on " Buy" 

It will negivate to OnePay page.

1. Click on credit/debit Visa, a form will be displayed as below.

Fill out the form and click on " Paynow"

2. Click on ATM Card/ Bank Account, fill out the form and click on "paynow"

3. Click on Pay with QR code, then open the banking app you use to scan the QR code to complete your payment.

In case, your process is interrupted, your order will be in invalid and can not continue your payment. There are two ways to solve this problem. 

Solution 1: you can use method 1 payment transfer by yourself  or online bank transfer

Solution 2: You visit your page on and delete your order, then reorder your race.

Method 3:

If you have a Momo wallet, you can choose this to complete your payment

Click on" Payment via MoMo Wallet" 

If you register your race with your phone, click on '' thanh toán bằng ứng dụng MoMo''

 When you click on “Thanh toán bằng ứng dụng Momo"”, it will navigate to app Momo, then enter your account password then click on Confirm as below to complete your payment and your race will be activated right after.

if you register with your cumputer, the system will display a QR code

Then log in to your Momo account on app Momo on your phone, Scan the QR code to complete your payment.


Option 1: Manually update your activities 

This is a simple way to update your actitives. You can do it in 2 steps.

Step 1: Log in to your account, then click on your avatar and click on the button add tracklog, a box is be displayed for you to update your activities

Step 2: Insert the pictures of your trace, fill out the box with the distance and  the time of your race, then click on “ Update

Option 2: Update activites with  app Strava

Firstly, You have to download to your phone Strava app: Run and Ride Training

Next, you sign up for an account on Strava app. It is preferable to sign up with Facebook in which you can follow your friends who are using the same app

+ If your Facebook is running, Strava will automactically link to your Facebook account to sign up and navigate to your personal  Strava page, 

+ If you have not logged in to your Facebook account on your phone, Starva will ask you to log in to your Facebook account before it allows you to  sign up for an Strava account. 

+ If your Facebook account has been logged out, Strava will show you as below. 

Click on " tiếp tục "

Now you can also connect  your account on with your Strava account by a click on '' Connect apps"

Click on " connect with strava"

Tick on  "Authorize" (the orange box)


Now your account on is connected with Starva. Once you  go for a run, just turn on your app Starva on your phone (click on the button Record/ Start when you are really ready and press on Finish a>Save your activity at the end of your race), your activites  will be updated on 


Similarly, you can connect with Google fit, Stuunto, Garmin by clicking on the right logo. 

Vietrace365 hopes you always complete your races and enjoy your time !