Guideline on how to register your races on

Step 1: Choose the race you like to register Step 2: Choose an appropriate distance for yourself Step 3: Enter information required Step 4: Choose an appropriate payment method


Choose the race you would like to register

Click on Register

Click on Join/ Join & Buy Tshirt


Fill out the registration form 

You like to choose a race BIB yourself, click on " register number of bib"  and enter your BIB (six numbers)

Enter your delivering address, once you complete your race we will send awards to you according to the address you provided.

You have 3 options for your payment, please choose one of three payment method below

Method 1 : Bank transfer by yourself 

We provied 4 bank accounts and the transfer syntax is Order code Full name Phone number (Ex:14067 Le Thi Le 09677113665)


Then click on my order to view your order details


When you complete your payment, you will receive a confirmation order email. You can enter your profile page on to see your order's status.

Click on orders

if you complete your payment the status of your order will be " Paid", otherwise it is "payment waiting

Method 2: Online banking or Master/Visa/JCB card via OnePay

Choose the method payment in the registration process:

Then, click on one of the options "Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/JCB/UnionPay 

or ATM card/Internet banking as below

Fill out the form with Card information 

In case, your process is interrupted, your order will be in invalid and can not continue your payment. There are two ways to solve this problem. 

Solution 1: you can use method 1 payment transfer by yourself  or online bank transfer

Solution 2: You visit your page on and delete your order, then reorder your race.

Method 3:

If you have a Momo wallet, you can choose this to complete your payment

Click on" Payment via MoMo Wallet" 

If you register your race with your phone, click on '' thanh toán bằng ứng dụng MoMo''

 When you click on “Thanh toán bằng ứng dụng Momo"”, it will navigate to app Momo, then enter your account password then click on Confirm as below to complete your payment and your race will be activated right after.

if you register with your computer,  the system will display a QR code

Then log in to your Momo account on app Momo on your phone, Scan the QR code to complete your payment.