21 day challenge - The Cat Warrior


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1. Event Content:

- The twelve zodiacs represent for 12 hours in a day, 12 months in a year, 12 years in the zodiac cycle. These are important foundations for partially guessing the destiny of each person according to the Zodiac.

- Twelve zodiacs have great significance in the spiritual life of each person and especially in Eastern culture. Each zodiac has its meaning and characteristics and it is also a symbol of the personality and qualities of each person. Many people choose to display the 12 zodiac mascot in their home as a blessing mascot for their family. Here, cat represent for the wise, patience, kindness and confidence.

- 21-day challenge - The Cat Warrior is the 2nd virtual challenge, finish within 21 days with a total of 100km. The race-inspired runners to get on their feet and improve their health. Finish this race with the spirit of a cat - a symbol of confidence, kindness, patience.

  • Distance: 100km within 2 days after a successful registration.
  • Finish with multiple running times after successful registration. 
  • Quantity: No limit to the number of participants, only 250 registrations to receive real medals.
  • Registration time: (start from May 26th, 2022 to July 26th, 2022) or when tickets run out.

>>> Special notice - Vietrace365 commit: Pre-produce medals and shall be delivered to your home after the finish day 3-4 days by fast deliver service

  • Register for FREE
  • Register to receive material medals and Race kit: 180,000VND including limited edition metal medal + hard copy Certificate (hard-pressed) + 02 bottles of 100PLUS sports water + Vouchers from sponsors.
  • Contribution to Vote Bi Viet Program: Enter the amount you want to contribute in the "Donate" field when registering and paying. The entire amount of extra money donated by athletes to the BAU BI VIET Social Program will be used to sponsor long-term grants (monthly, multi-year) for students with extremely difficult circumstances across the country.

See program activities information at: https://vietrace365.vn/charities/quy-bau-bi-viet. 

Look up the list of contributors and list of students receiving grants at: https://vietrace365.vn/charities/quy-bau-bi-viet

2. Payment Methods:

Online payment via domestic bank card or Visa, Master Card, JCB or MoMo wallet, ZaloPay, Moca.

Payment by bank transfer: transfer with the syntax “Order code_Full name_Phone number” (Example: 80134 NGUYEN VAN A 0977005090) to one of the following bank accounts:

*Vietcombank - Account Number: 9938707960 - Lê Thị Trà Châu (HO CHI MINH Branch)

3. Athletes Support Information

Hotline/Zalo: 0967711365 (for Vietnamese Speaking) or 0977005090 (for English Speaking).

Email: info@vietrace365.vn,

Chatbox: www.vietrace365.vn

FB: https://www.facebook.com/vietrace365

1. Race kit for participants registered including real medal.

2. Register for the next 21-day challenge event to complete the whole collection.

  • Tracklog updates are unavailable for this race.
  • Athletes need to comply with the recommendations and regulations of the government on Covid-19 prevention to ensure safety for themselves and the community.
  • Jogging, Walking activities with a valid Pace (speed) between 4 minutes/1km - 20 minutes/1km.
  • Completing the registration distance within 21 days from the date of successful registration is considered complete, individual's cumulative results shall be recorded and accumulated to calculate the achievement.
  • This is an open virtual running race, you can run anywhere and anytime as long as you record your results using Strava, Garmin, Suunto apps. 
  • Apply the rule "No completion, no medal". The organizing committee reserves the right to check the results provided by players if it is suspected that the results are not honest. The organizing committee's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

For any further questions, please follow the instructions here or contact the organizing committee via email info@vietrace365.vn, hotline: 0967711365 (Vietnamese-speaking) or 0977005090 (English-speaking).

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Toàn bộ số tiền VĐV quyên góp cho Chương trình xã hội BẦU BÍ VIỆT sẽ được sử dụng tài trợ những suất trợ cấp dài hạn (cấp hàng tháng, nhiều năm) cho những học sinh có hoàn cảnh đặc biệt khó khăn trên toàn quốc.

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