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Race time: 30 days from registry time

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The horse is one of 12 animals in Oriental Culture, as a symbol of loyalty, fortune, and success. Especially, a chirping horse expresses pride, freedom, brave, and win.

Being an intelligent and beloved animal, the horse holds a rich spiritual meaning and high symbolic value, creating strong and positive influences in Vietnamese Culture.

In Vietnamese culture, the month of the horse is May in the Lunar calendar, in the middle of summer when the plants are greenest and flourished, people also seem the most energetic.

The horse also symbolizes maturity and youth. People who were born in the horse year are more likely to have good characteristics and be successful and lucky.


- Registration date: until out of slots

Running time: within 30 days since the registration date, participants complete the run distance in a period as below:

- Complete a 5km distance within an hour

- Complete a 10km distance within 2 hours

- Complete a 21km distance within 4 hours

- Complete a 42.195km distance within 9 hours

- Complete a 70km distance within 17 hours

- Complete a 100km distance within 33 hours

Medal delivery time: Within 15 days after finishing the race

Payment method

  1. Online banking by ATM or Master/Visa/JBC via OnePay. Your race will be activated right after you complete the payment.
  2. Payment via Momo wallet
  3. Bank transfer by yourself with content: Order No_Customer Name_Phone Number ( ex: 14067 Le Phuc Thinh 0967711365)

Beneficiary banks and beneficiary accounts as below:

*Vietcombank: Account Number  0441003794400 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Tân Bình - TPHCM)

*  Agribank: Account Number  6222205048575 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in District 5 - TPHCM)

* Sacombank: Account Number  060009015089 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Lãnh Binh Thăng - TPHCM)

* Techcombank: Account Number  14023304970017 - Lê Thị Lễ (subsidiary in Kỳ Đồng - TPHCM)

1. A medal: a real medal with your name and your message embossed on it


2. e-certificate

Participants have to complete the run distance they register by one run  within 30 days:

- Complete a 5km distance within an hour

- Complete a 10km distance within 2 hours

- Complete a 21km distance within 4 hours

- Complete a 42.195km distance within 9 hours

- Complete a 70km distance within 17 hours

- Complete a 100km distance within 33 hours

  • Apply the rule ‘ No finish, No Medal’
  • Changes in the run distance, refund, or race transfers are not allowed.
  • Race organizers are allowed to check participants’ running results if there are any cheating case.

Personal Results

# Athlete Category Club/Organization Result
km km
Speed: km/h
km km
Speed: km/h

Group/Organization/Club Results

# Club Registered members Distance (km) Average distance per total member (km)

Country Results

# Country Registered members Distance (km)

Vietnam's Provinces/Cities Results

# Province/City Registered members Distance (km)
This is an online race, you can run anytime and anywhere and complete the race by ONE RUN

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